Welcome; You are HOME

Do you ever walk into a room and Immediately feel at home? The space just makes you feel Comfortable; Welcome. Here at Hearth Homes, that is our hope for every space a family walks into; from their rooms to the backyard, living rooms to bathrooms. When new families enter our homes we want them to feel welcome, supported, and comfortable. It is amazing the effect a bright wall of paint or a vase of flowers can bring to a space. These special touches add so much to the environment and help build a sense of community and belonging within our homes!

The Transformation of Hearth Homes Atrium is a powerful testimony to the amazing support we have from our Generous and Talented Community! 

   Can You Say New & Improved!?

Can You Say New & Improved!?

Three years ago the West House on our property was donated in entirety to the Hearth Homes Mission! We then used that house as collateral to purchase the house directly next door. Since then community volunteers have been striving to turn these houses into homes-with great success- through maintenance, décor, new bedding, basic necessities, and so much more! One of the main rooms needing extra love and attention was our atrium. Beginning as a rather dilapidated structure, it has since been transformed through the efforts of Over 100 Volunteers.

We wanted to give special shout outs to key volunteers and groups who played important roles in revamping this space! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING OUR FAMILIES THAT THEY ARE WORTHY OF BEAUTIFUL AND WELCOMING HOMES!