Corina's Hearth Homes Journey: Part 1

Hello there my name is Corina, my daughter and I recently moved to Hearth Homes. My daughters name is Gabriella and she's one and a half years old. I would just like to introduce myself and say hello to those of you who actively read our blog. My hope is to post a segment in our blog each month giving insight on the Hearth Homes program from a residents perspective. My daughter lights up my world and I appreciate the Christian overtone that the program illuminates our lives with so purposefully.

           Since moving into Hearth Homes I have gained the moral support that was needed for Gabriella and I to find a home church body. Also, thus far into our stay at Hearth Homes, I have become a more effective mother by learning important time and self management methods. With the rest of the residents I have enjoyed a variety of activities in our life skills class such as crochet, making homemade apple sauce, and even cleaning agents. 

        My hopes and goals for now are to grow closer to my daughter while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Hearth Homes is a conducive place where we can thrive and accomplish goals. In the the near future I intend to participate in at home parenting classes as well as the Financial Access Course through SNAP. You will be hearing more from me soon as I will be writing for our blog regularly; sharing all of my current endeavors. Please let me know if there are any points of interest for any of you, or things you would like to hear more about regarding Hearth Homes. I may not be able to tell about the challenges others face but I can expound more on what is taking place here with me. I will answer any questions in my next blog. Thank you for reading!