My Name is Amber & I am Dreaming of a Christmas with my Whole Family

How has your life changed since coming to Hearth Homes?

“I got my daughters back from cps.  My oldest was in cps for 10 months and my youngest was returned after a week old. I have learned how to build healthy relationships and my daughters have structure now”

How has Hearth Homes helped your family?

“Since my kids have been back with me I have had a stronger bond with them. Our relationship has become more child parent than just friends and I really like that difference. Hearth homes has helped a lot."

Has Hearth Homes made you feel loved and respected? If so how?

“Yes they have, the staff and so many girls make me feel cared for. They return the respect and love that I give. They are concerned for me and check up on me. They care more than I sometimes realize."

Do you as an individual feel more confident now than you did before coming to Hearth Homes?

“Yes, when I first came here I didn't have the ability to say no to unhealthy people and they helped me to break that habit and begin to build safer and healthier bonds with the people I should. They helped me be a stronger and healthier parent.”

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

"Every Holiday my Grandmother and I have a tradition of baking together, so that we can give something from the heart to those who are celebrating with us."

What do you want for Christmas this year?

“I want all of my kids together, this year would be my first Christmas in three years I would have all my kids together if that happens.”