My Name is Jessica, & I am Dreaming of a Holiday with my Daughter


How has your life changed since coming to Hearth Homes?

“My life has changed a lot. I am no longer on the streets and being here has helped keep me sober. Since being here I have been able to have my first overnight visit with my child in two years.

How has Hearth Homes helped your family?

“It's made me and my daughter closer. We have been able to see each other more and it has also helped me build a stronger relationship with my mom because she knows I am safe and no longer has to worry about me.”

What is your favorite memory here?

"My first overnight visit with my daughter."

Do you as an individual feel more confident now than you did before coming to Hearth Homes?

"Yes I feel like I'm getting more confident in my decision making and support system."

What do you want for Christmas this year ?

"Just to spend time with my daughter and to have one more Christmas with my grandpa."