Corina's Hearth Homes Journey: Part 2 "New Year New ME"

This same time last year I was living in a transitional home for women with children, however unlike Hearth Homes it had no spiritual Christian aspect. I was not provided weekly case management as I am at Hearth Homes. Here I feel nearer to God and can see clearly the work he is doing in my life.  My family and friends have also spoken to me of the difference they have seen in my attitude, resilience, and efficiency. I credit this life change directly to my case management and weekly life skills class here at Hearth Homes. 

I appreciate the staffs’ willingness to help and lend an ear, or even prayer support when needed. Just last year at this time I was discouraged and broken despite having a year clean from substance abuse. What I was lacking then I have found now along with grace. I have overcome clinical depression and have gained a new lease on life.

The difference between the Corina of today and the Corina of a year ago is goal orientation and one on one support. “New Year New Me” goals include working hard to complete my outpatient counseling requirements and Moral Reconation Therapy. I also have money management goals and will be taking a financial access course in the near future to help me in my quest towards financial independence. I will also be taking my GED test this year and working to identify the right career path for me. 

Going into 2016 I hope to embrace this new lease on life and apply it towards continued mothering skills. I am taking a parenting class through, Parents as Teachers, in which I hope to excel at by putting into practice what I am learning. Also, some of you may know that I have a son who is not with me. There has never been a parenting plan in place and he is in California with his father. I do not have open communication with him because his father has chosen to keep him from me completely. I am taking another stab at finding his whereabouts and reestablishing communication. This includes finding legal help, an attorney, and a job to pay for legal action. As always I am willing to answer any questions in my next upcoming blog.

Thank you for reading!