Whatever It Takes!

When Sarah came to us, we made an exception. The inpatient substance abuse treatment program she was court-ordered to participate in was closing down. We typically require at least 30 days post-inpatient to see if individuals are committed to “working their own program”. Fortunately, we prayed on it together and felt after interviewing her, that Hearth Homes was the program for her. This exception was exactly what Sarah needed. Fighting addiction and the consequences of several poor choices, Sarah’s final option was to enroll in Step-Court. A highly intensive program for addicts with criminal history to illustrate their commitment to paying their fines, working treatment, participating in recovery services, and obtaining employment. This 4-phase process is completed by only a few of those enrolled. 

Sarah came to us determined to take her life back. With three children living with family and foster care, she knew very well the cost of her addiction. It took no time for her to demonstrate to staff and fellow residents that her motivations were not merely external…she was after a heart change. Last May when we all attended the Beth Moore conference at the Arena, Sarah went down to the front and gave her life to the Lord. “I already know Jesus, but I’ve never taken that outward step.” Sarah quickly became a model in accountability and was real with staff and residents when she was struggling. “I need to get to a meeting.” These are not words we take lightly and, when necessary, staff will excuse program requirements like curfew or class to allow the opportunity or residents truly working their program to get to an Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA) meeting in an urgent manner.

In December, Sarah received the “best Christmas gift ever!” Her social worker shared with her that the state approved her son to return to her in January. Sarah didn’t miss a beat: She made all the calls and arrangements to make sure her son stayed in his school with the help of the Heart Program in his school, and she continued to work her Step Court program and multitude of other services while engaging in the family-style community at Hearth Homes. Her son was thrilled to be home with mom and she supported him through his adjustment to a new environment masterfully.  

This Spring, Sarah chose after much prayer and input from her sponsor, Hearth Homes staff and her social worker, to move into clean and sober apartments downtown with her son. She continues case management at Hearth Homes and participated in our Hearth Homes Family Events. As she shared with a group touring Hearth Homes just last week, “I can never thank Hearth Homes and the staff enough. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them and they’ll always have a place in my heart.”

Sarah continues to be support to moms in our programs, letting them know what NA meetings she’ll be at if they want to come. “If you’re not working your program, you’re not hanging out with me.”  We are so proud of Sarah and thankful for your support that she could experience this transformation.