Transforming Community

"I've never had sober relationships before."

One of the first things people notice when they tour Hearth Homes is our persistent emphasis on community: Family Dinners together, Family Meetings on the weekends, group classes, resident-led activities and so on. We believe community contributes greatly to every person's success in life. Much too often, community doesn't exist in the lives of those we serve, prior to their living at Hearth Homes.  

Like iron sharpens iron, the community at Hearth Homes provides challenging accountability, crucial encouragement, and helps meet the need to belong. This video may just appear to be women and children engaged in fun activities, but take a moment to consider what lies beneath the surface. For a mother who has never had sober friends or family, this care-free evening challenges her to have fun without using mind-altering substances, or the young mom struggling with feelings of failure or anxiety can experience acceptance with no expectation to perform. Pure, genuine, connection with others sets alight parts of these women previously hidden from the view of others. 

 Making delicious chocolate-dipped mallows for family fun night...yummmmm!

Making delicious chocolate-dipped mallows for family fun night...yummmmm!

This evening, coordinated by a Phase 3 Resident with the assistance of staff, ignited the kiddos imaginations and created space for moms to beautify their nails and let down their walls. For a mother going through tremendous trials, or a child experiencing major transitions from homelessness, this evening is so much more than nail polish and stickers--It's an evening of acceptance, fellowship and community in lives being transformed. 

In perhaps the most stunning example of transforming community, mothers housed at Hearth Homes are frequently given opportunities to volunteer alongside staff and Spokane Valley Citizens. When ladies at Hearth Homes courageously step up to volunteer at events we see them blossom and take pride in contributing to the community in a meaningful way.  This has a lasting effect as these mothers have now tasted what healthy community is, and they want more. 

You can show your support and encouragement for these mothers by volunteering alongside them, sharing words of encouragement on our Facebook Page, attend one of our events or becoming a monthly donor to ensure more of these families receive the crucial support Hearth Homes offers. Don't wait, get involved now!