Hearth Homes Gets Privacy!

Our neighborhood friends and partners at Hearth Homes expressed a wish for privacy slats in their 6 ft lengths of chain link fence. That was a little over a year ago. It took a while for that seed to grow, but it finally bloomed.
unnamed (5).jpg
September 22nd a team of 15 from SVUMC, 10 Eastern Freshman and a small crew from STCU came together for a gift giving that brought smiles to everyone. There is 368 feet of fencing surrounding the grounds. The time was set from 1-4 pm. Some were able to stay the entire time, others had commitments that allowed for less. Every minute was precious to the residents.
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By 5pm, I was ready to leave with the staff and made a verbal comment that we could finish up at a later time. The response was something like, "I need more slats over here" and "I'll get another box" (or 3). Shortly after 6 pm the final slat was installed (Tim gets the prize for 'last piece") until the pumpkin harvest frees up the final 25 feet. I can't begin to tell you how much my heart sang yesterday with the outpouring of help in a job well done. 
Many thanks go to Gerry Bafus, Russ Bray, Tim Henderson, John Hentze, Anita (AJ) Hoyt, Jerry Larson, Jim and Mary Picken, Ron Pope, TomPorter, Art Preston, John Reynen, Marilyn Wixom and my wonderful husband, Alan.  
This was a labor of love and honor to my Mother, Marge Hawley, who believed in second chances. She also had privacy slats in every home my folks owned. Seems fitting. With love and gratitude to all who helped as well as those who prayed us through.
 - Glenda Lovchik