Go With the Flow

Written by Jessica Simmons-Volunteer Coordinator

Ever meet those people who seem to be able to tackle whatever life throws at them with a cool and composed demeanor? We often long for their calm manner and overall collected aura. In the nonprofit world these people are especially appreciated because  a typical day in the life of a nonprofit could be described as “organized chaos.” Not that the day isn’t productive mind you; simply what you thought was going to be getting from point A to point B turned into getting from point A to point C, minus point G, adding point E, and somehow grabbing point B before it turns upside down.

Amy House is one of those roll-with-the-punches types, who has been a constant, dedicated Childcare volunteer for Hearth Homes for more than a year now. In the midst of sick kiddos, short staff, and limited resources, she goes with the flow and ensures the time stays focused on the kids. She sees the need and states, " I want every family that comes through here to have a better future." She helps to ensure better futures by building relationship and providing a safe and fun environment during childcare. 

Many of the children who come to Hearth Homes have experienced various life traumas and time spent with loving and fun childcare volunteers are often a highlight of their week! They simply desire someone to admire their sparkly flip-flops, discover buried treasure in the raspberry bed, or race scooters to the finish line (I lost). The great thing about being a childcare volunteer is the opportunity to help these kids recapture and delight in their childhood. To provide a safe environment for them to learn, create, and imagine to their hearts content. And hey who doesn't want to feel like a kid again; even if its just for a few hours? :)